Accelerated Reader

What is A.R.?
By Erin Baynes, LES Librarian

The Accelerated Reader (A.R.) program is offered at LES for grades 3 – 6. For those of you who are
new to the program, it works like this: Students read books and earn points by taking quizzes on
the computer. Each book is worth a set amount of points based on its difficulty and length. (For
example, a picture book at a 2nd grade reading level is worth 0.5 points.) The quizzes ask multiple
choice questions about the books, and the program keeps a tally of the points earned. Students can
take the quizzes in the library or in their classrooms. Each classroom teacher chooses how to
integrate A.R. into their curriculum.

Note: We do not have AR quizzes for all of the books in the library, only the ones that have a red
AR sticker on the spine.

Periodically throughout the year I give out prizes to everyone who is participating in the program.
At the middle and end of the school year, students who have reached the point goals for their grade
levels receive rewards in the library.

The following are the point requirements to qualify for AR Awards!

Grade 3 Grade 4
10 points ­ Ice Cream Party 15 points – Ice Cream Party
20 points – McDonald’s Certificate 30 points – McDonald’s Certificate
45 points – Book 60 points ­ Book
Most points – Surprise Award Most points – Surprise Award

Grade 5 Grade 6
20 points – Ice Cream Party 25 points – Ice Cream Party
35 points – McDonald’s Certificate 40 points – McDonald’s Certificate
65 points – Book 70 points ­ Book
Most points – Surprise Award Most points – Surprise Award

Halfway Rewards

Any reader who reaches the following halfway goals by the end of January will be able to pick a
prize out of the AR grab bag!

Grade 3 ­ 8 points Grade 4 – 12 points

Grade 5 – 16 points Grade 6 – 20 points

Hall of Fame
Any reader who reaches 75 points during the school year will get a star with their name on it on the “AR Hall of Fame” wall (in the library). Readers who get 150 points will receive a shooting star. Readers who earn 225 points will get their own galaxy!

End of Year Raffle
New this year: We will be having a raffle in June for two $25 gift certificates.
One is to Barnes and Noble and the other is to Best Buy. The way students earn raffle tickets is to
keep up their “Average Percent Correct.” (This average can be found on all of their quiz printouts.) The better they score on their quizzes, the more tickets they’ll earn! Raffle tickets will be given out at the
end of the school year.

60­69% correct: 2 tickets

70­79% correct: 4 tickets

80­89% correct: 6 tickets

90­­100% correct: 8 tickets