Student Wellness
Lee Public Schools

Strategic Goal: Student Wellness: To create an atmosphere that results in social, emotional, physical, and academic health for all students.


Objective 5.1: Strengthen student services addressing the social and emotional needs of the students from PreK-12.


Objective 5.2: Enhance wellness programs that incorporate opportunities for optimal well-being and academic learning.


Objective 5.3: Organize and implement a system that identifies and targets early indicators of poor behavior and/or declining academic performance.


Objective 5.4: Create and use a system to allow for students and parents input for nutritional menu planning.


Objective 5.5: Organize and establish extra-curricular activities that promote wellness throughout the school year.


The Student Wellness Action Plan Committee has been dedicated to forming a long term action plan for our district to improve our student's behavioral, nutritional, physical, emotional, and academic wellness.  As a committee, we have formed our action plan and are now beginning to complete action steps.  Please use this page to help you answer some of your questions.  You will find many helpful links and resources in order to join us on this adventure! 



Children’s health and wellness is gaining attention across the nation, resulting in positive changes in our communities and in our schools, these changes can help address widespread health issues among our children and teens. While families are the primary caregivers for children, schools have a key role to play in promoting the health, safety, and well-being of their students and helping families learn to take responsibility for their own health. The health of our youth is a community-wide concern requiring involvement of parents, families, teachers, counselors, school administrators, health care professionals and businesses. Schools can’t do this alone.

Health services and student wellness may not seem like top priorities when schools face funding challenges and major time constraints. Yet, an emphasis on health is one of the best investments a school can make. Not only do healthy, physically fit students have a better chance for long-term success, but studies also show:

•Healthier children make better students.
•Physical activity increases test scores.
•Only nutrient-rich food can provide the essential building blocks needed for developing brains.


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Healthy Snacks for Holiday and Birthday Celebrations


Guide for Implementing Massachusetts School Nutrition





Links for Wellness

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Center for Disease Control


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October Heartbeat



Community Garden Update...


Our indoor seed starters have begun and we are looking forward to transplanting them outside soon. We have been awarded a grant from Fuel Up to Play 60 in order to fund this adventure!



Mass. in Motion


You are more likely to make healthy food choices if you know what they are and where you can find them in your area. To make this easier, Mass in Motion Communities are working at the local level to establish healthy dining recognition programs in restaurants, expand access to farmers markets, increase community gardening, and collaborate with schools to make our kids’ diets healthier.


Mass in Motion Website CLICK HERE